Aunt Mary and her legacy at Maragas Winery

Cheers to our Aunt Mary Marchino

We celebrate the passing of our great Aunt Mary on November 3, 2017.   She was the image behind the caricature on two of our wines – Muscat Love and Blanco. At her birthday party last month she turned 100 years of age. After her son informed me of her passing this morning, I decided to make a special batch of Sangria and dedicate it to her. The Sangria is a blend of the red lees from our 2016 vintage and currently fermenting pinot gris – a first.   I greatly appreciate and relish the memories of an innumerable amount of gatherings with her at her home with Uncle Charlie and the fabulously delicious food she cooked from scratch for me and our family for so so many years. Cheers with much love to you Aunt Mary and the best of journey’s through those pearly white gates. For any of you coming to our winery Saturday or Sunday, we’ll be giving out complimentary samples of this Sangria and toasting Aunt Mary.

Doug Maragas,
Maragas Winery


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