This year's fine art selected to adorn our Lattavo single barrel Select

Pictured on the left is the art on last year’s C.I.A. vintage. Joanne Lattavo painted this self portrait in 1965.
This self portrait evokes an emotional picture – contemplative and deep. The art is a permanent exhibit in our Winery which doubles as the Lattavo gallery.
This year’s “Lattavo” single barrel selection art is pictured on the right.. The wine is a 2012 vintage of a blend containing mostly Merlot and a bit of Cabernet Sauvignon. In this piece, Joanne Lattavo recreated the family crest, hailing from Rome, Italy, in a pen and ink drawing.

Lattavo Gallery

Many of you may already know that the caricature art adorning the bottles of Maragas wines was created by the winemaker’s mother, Joanne Lattavo, back in the late 50s and early 60s. What you may not know is Joanne was an accomplished oil painter with a renowned art gallery throughout the 60s. (The above photo is of the cover of a 1966 Lattavo Gallery show – a more detailed image is available for news media reproduction). Contemporary artists and entertainment greats such as Harry Wheeler, Mary Ann Flynn, Mel Someroski, Louis Armstrong, Buddy Hacket, and several others showed their art or performed at the Gallery.
Doug has been the recipient of numerous art pieces created or collected by his mother (who passed away in 2002). We are grateful that Joanne left such a magnificent legacy.
Doug has realized a unique concept for the re-opened Lattavo Gallery. He’s opened the Gallery inside the barrel room of Maragas Winery. It may be the first art gallery in a barrel room in the Country. We limited the barrel stacks to three high and mounted the paintings above the barrels along the walls – out of harms way of an accidental wine splash from a barrel. And, uniquely at our barrel room, we use low humidity to intensify the flavors in our wine which, in turn, protects the painting frames from damage.
Combined, it’s a beautiful harmony – fine art and the art of wine making.

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