Maragas Winery Wine Club

Years ago, with our limited production, we decided to build a network of customers that appreciated our naturally and distinctly made wines. We created our wine club where you get our wines directly from us, discounted for being a regular customer. Click HERE to join or continue reading for more information about the discount and perks that come with being a member.
To order wine, click HERE.
Please contact us with any questions you may have about our winery or to order wine at 541-546-5464 or

Our Wine Club

Four times a year, you’ll receive a Club shipment (Feb., May, Aug., and Oct.). We’ll send an email letting you know a shipment is coming up and the contents of the winemaker recommended shipment. Here is where we differ from many Clubs and treat you as if you were a wholesale account. If you have a favorite wine club available wine and want to change your shipment to your favorite, you have the ability to customize your shipment.

There are four Clubs to choose from. The principal differences are the number of bottles in each shipment and the degree of discount on your wine. Signing up for 3 bottles per shipment gives you a 15% discount, 4 bottles a 20% discount, 6 bottles a 22% discount, and 12 bottles a 25% discount.

Other perks you receive as a Club member include continued wine discounts at any time during your membership (whether a shipment or intermim period, regardless of quantity), and discounts on many other items, food, and events at our winery. You’ll also be invited to exclusive Club events, exclusive Club limited release wines, and more.

As a Club member, you agree to receive your shipments for a minimum of one year. Your membership will continue after this. But, if after the year period, you’ve decided to move on, just send us an email to finish your membership.
Click HERE to go to our signup page so that you can join our Club.